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Nash in 1999
Nash Cavanaugh
Portrayed by Robert Rusler
Episode The Plan
Status Deceased (1999)

Nash Cavanaugh was the swim teacher for the Wilkes Military Academy for Boys and a pedophile.

Life and Death[]

Little is known about Nash's life, other than the fact that he was 35 at the time of his death, indicating that he was born in 1964, give or take a few months.

He was also a pedophile, molesting and raping his students at the academy including Jerry Kasher, Dominic LaSalle, and RJ Holden. Little did he know, those three would get back at him, but they weren't going to be the ones with his blood on their hands.

The kids picked apart Nash's M.O. and, using the sequence to their advantage, began their own plan:

  1. Ignore -- Ignore Nash, and skip swim practice.
  2. Reward --- The first person to see Nash (Dominic) would be responsible for the reward.
  3. Secret -- Dominic got Nash into the pool by seducing him.
  4. Test -- Nash didn't want to go into the pool, but Dominic begged him to stay.
  5. Escalate -- Nash undressed and jumped into the pool while Dominic silently swam out.
  6. Destroy -- The three attacked Nash with paddles until they heard James Creighton and ran away.

Nash would've survived had Creighton, another victim, not forced him under the water, thus killing him. He would be put to "rest"--his reflection was only seen, not his ghost, 5 years later after Creighton was arrested for the crime.

Known Victims[]