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Nancy Walsh 1965
Nancy in 1965
Nancy Walsh 2005
Nancy in 2005
Nancy Walsh
Portrayed by Tracy E. Wilson (1965)
Maree Cheatham (2005)
Episode A Perfect Day
Status Alive

Nancy Walsh was a woman who operated a battered women's shelter in Germantown. In 1965, before such shelters typically existed, she took in families to her home, apparently having escaped such a relationship herself.

That year, Officer Art Balducci gave Cindy Mulvaney a number to the shelter to take her two young girls, Vivian and Maura, and escape her abusive husband Roger.

Nancy was welcoming to Cindy, but Cindy wouldn't speak to anyone but her daughters during her time her, terrified that Roger, a police officer, might track her down. He'd once threatened to kill the girls and make her watch if she ever left him.

One day, Cindy finally admitted to Nancy that she blamed herself for not leaving sooner. Nancy, however, commended Cindy for having the courage to leave.

Unfortunately, Cindy's emotional recovery was broken when Roger suddenly entered, begging Cindy to come back to him. Feeling she had nowhere else to go, Cindy agreed.

After Roger left, Tiffany, a young woman who had befriended Cindy, told her she did have to go back to Roger, reminding Cindy that she had "another choice". Nancy didn't know what she meant as she wasn't aware at the time that Art had started visiting Cindy at the shelter and a romance had begun between the two. Nancy tried to convince Cindy to stay but she took her girls and left that night. Nancy would never see them again.

Years later, in 2005, Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens questioned Nancy at the shelter about Cindy's time there. Nancy told them about the day Roger had shown up for Cindy. When they asked about Cindy's "choice", Nancy directed them to Tiffany, who was now a generous donor and volunteer at the shelter.

Nancy continued her life of taking in abused families after this.