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Nadia koslov
Nadia in 1989
Nadia Koslov
Portrayed by Elena Satine
Episode Triple Threat
Status Deceased (1989)

Nadia Koslov was an 18-year-old Russian opera singer who defected to the United States in 1989, with her father Leo and her younger brother Dmitri. She was murdered just four months later. They were helped by Nick Vera, who was a rookie at the time.


After defecting from Russia with her father and younger brother, Nadia began attending Regis High school of Performing Arts as a voice major. She attended classes under Phoebe Curtis, who told Nadia to find her voice.

What Nadia did not know was that the principal Elliot Glick was attracted to her, and that Phoebe was in love with him. When she gave Phoebe a tape of her final project, Phoebe poisoned Nadia out of jealousy and dumped her body in the subway station.

She was found by Beamer but he just stole her bag. The poison gave Nadia bruises as a side effect which made the police believe she was beaten to death. Her then boyfriend Cyrus Brill was so traumatized by her death that he never took the subway again.

In 2008, Beamer is in jail and was denied parole so his mother gave away his stuff, including Nadia's bag which was recovered by Dmitri. This led to the reopening and solving of her case. Cyrus recovers from his trauma and is last seen playing guitar in the subway. Nadia's spirit (dressed in the gown she wore when they defected) is last seen by her father.