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Muriel Bartleby 1929
Muriel in 1929
Muriel Bartleby 2006
Muriel in 2006
Muriel Bartleby
Portrayed by Sammi Hanratty (1929)
June Lockhart (2006)
Episode Beautiful Little Fool
Status Alive

Muriel Bartleby was a character from "Beautiful Little Fool". She is the little sister of Nick Bartleby.

When the 1929 Stock Market Crash depleted her family fortune, Muriel refused to sell her father's treasured golden clock. However, she gave it to Violet Polley to sell so the latter could provide for her baby fathered by Nick. Unfortunately, the clock was used by Felix Spyczyk to murder Violet.

In 2006, Muriel is an old woman still living in the family home. She believes that she is the last Bartleby. After the case is solved, Muriel adds the names of Violet and her descendants into the family tree while the spirit of her late brother Nick looks on.