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Monty Moran 1953
Monty in 1953
Monty Moran 2008
Monty in 2008
Monty Moran
Portrayed by Patrick Fischler (1953)
Harold Gould (2008)
Episode Pin Up Girl
Status Alive

Monty Moran was Rita Flynn's agent.


Monty discovered Rita in the drugstore she worked at, along with her best friend, Betty Sue Baker. Betty ended up being Monty's assistant at the studio. Monty had big plans for his magazine to go national. His statement wasn't taken after Rita's murder in 1953.

In the first questioning, Monty claimed to not own a gun and thought Rita was killed by a pervert. Monty was the one who informed detectives about Ben "Beanie" Emerson, Rita's fan that took things too far and stalked her. Beanie followed them everywhere and Monty laughed off Ben being a suspect. He chalked up Ben's behavior to teenage hijinks at the time, but Detective Lilly Rush corrected him with the appropriate term of stalking.

The second time the team talked to Monty, they knew that the gun found near Rita's apartment was registered to Monty's uncle, Philip Moran. Monty inherited the gun five months before Rita's death. He kept the gun in the safe at his studio. Monty claimed to have forgotten all about it and told the team that the gun was stolen before Rita died. Rita had also told Monty she wanted to quit modeling to pursue photography. At first, Monty didn't believe Rita took the photos that he said were fantastic. When he realized her potential, Monty told Rita she could be a photojournalist and take serious pictures like the covers of Time Magazine. Monty reminded Rita of the contract she signed as a model and not as a photographer. Despite the contract, he offered to publish her photos. Monty figured if he couldn't have Rita as a model, he might as well have her as a photographer. Monty determined that Rita was more talented behind the camera than in front of it. He also informed the team that Arthur "Zip" Fellig, his photographer, didn't make Rita look good, it was the other way around.

In the epilogue, Monty is seen developing the photos Rita took and imagines her ghost smiling at him.