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Monty Fineman 1985
Monty in 1985
Monty Fineman 2005
Monty in 2005
Monty Fineman
Portrayed by Chad Allen (1985)
Brett Rickaby (2005)
Episode Kensington
Status Arrested

Monty Fineman is a character in "Kensington".

He, Butch Beard and Joe Young worked at a textile mill until it was closed down in 1985. They tried to start their own taxi cab company but it went nowhere and Monty worked at his uncle's shoe repair shop, which also went under. After Ham Dunn told Joe that their former boss Bob Johnstone had already sold the mill months before, the desperate trio retaliated by robbing Johnstone's house but they found it empty and abandoned--they even failed to steal a chandelier.

Angry and disappointed, the trio stopped by a gas station. An argument erupted between Monty and Butch. Monty pulled out a knife and tried to stab Butch but instead stabbed Joe, who tried to defuse things. They abandoned him to die. Monty and Butch didn't attend Joe's funeral out of shame.

Monty is a telephone linesman in 2005. After his crime was exposed, he tried to kill himself at the mill but was convinced to surrender.