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Molly Heaton 1979
Molly in 1979
Molly Heaton 2009
Molly in 2009
Molly Heaton
Portrayed by Michelle Alexis (1979/1980)
Lolita Davidovich (2009)
Episode Iced
Status Alive

Molly Heaton is the daughter of Heaton, the former coach of The Fishtown Dockrats. She developed a relationship with one of her father's star players, Tommy Flanagan, in 1979. Unfortunately, their romance would never become a true and longtime relationship because Molly was raped and impregnated by Tommy's best friend, Dwight Barnes, during a New Year's Eve party. Tommy found out and as a result, was beaten to death by Dwight during an argument.

Molly never told anyone what happened, letting Heaton believe Tommy was the father of her child. Heaton sent her away to cover up her pregnancy. Molly gave birth to a girl but had to give her baby up because she was a single, teenage mother and couldn't handle raising a child by herself, among other reasons.

After Tommy's murder is solved, Molly is reunited with her father in the epilogue.