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Missy Gallavan 1978
Missy in 1978
Missy Gallavan
Portrayed by Holland Roden
Episode Roller Girl
Status Deceased (1978)

Missy Gallavan was the victim in "Roller Girl". She was a 15-year-old girl who liked roller skating. Missy died in an accidental fall in 1978.


Missy was the daughter of Simone Gallavan. She was friends with Hugh Mastersen but spent less time with him after she and her mother moved away following Simone's divorce. Missy befriended Julie Reed and became more interested in attracting boys.

One night, Missy and Julie went to skate with the adults at the rink owned by Rick Rendell. She found Julie drugged by Rick and passed out in a back room. Missy had to call her mom's boyfriend Joe Bosquay but Rick bribed him with cocaine to keep him quiet, so she took Julie home by herself.

Missy's courageous act only earned her scorn from Julie, who had a crush on Rick. Julie didn't allow her to stay over and Missy was picked up by Hugh. They spent some time in the park reconnecting over roller skating and Missy thanked him for always being there for her. Hugh then kissed her but she freaked out and began to run off. He tried to calm her down and apologize but Missy broke out of his grasp and fell to her death in a ditch. Simone blamed Julie for the whole thing.

In 2008, Dawn Wheeler (who is about to do prison for robbery) revealed that she saw Missy get into a van driven by Joe in order to get a reduced sentence. Missy's case was then reopened. The cold case team found out that her broken fingernails were kept as evidence and had them tested for DNA, which proved that she was last seen by Hugh but her death was accidental.

After the case was closed, Julie gave Missy's jacket back to Simone. Missy's spirit is last seen by Lilly Rush while she and Will Jeffries are roller skating.