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Miss Jacobs in 2010
Miss Jacobs
Portrayed by Cheryl Lynn Bowers
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Miss Jacobs is a teacher at McKinley High School in 2010. She was faculty advisor to the that year's prom committee. When citywide budget cuts limited themes, Miss Jacobs searched through old decorations stored in the school's basement, hoping to recycle some, and found a disposable camera left over from the 1989 senior prom. Interested in what the styles at the time looked like, she had the photos developed to see what the styles looked like.

Miss Jacobs was surprised to notice that one student, Felicia Grant, that year's prom queen, was in nearly every picture. Felicia had been killed by a hit-and-run driver that very night. A clock in the last picture gave the time as 12:15 A.M., while a passing motorist had first noticed her body on the road three miles away at 12:30, meaning Felicia must have been driven there.

Despite apparent skepticism from Principal Steve Burke, Miss Jacobs went to the police with what she'd discovered, leading to Felicia's case being reopened. Miss Jacobs was unaware that Burke's resistance was because he himself had been the hit-and-run driver, leading to his arrest.