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Miriam Forrester 1964
Miriam in 1964
Miriam Forrester
Portrayed by Alexandra Lydon
Episode Wednesday's Women
Status Deceased (1964)

Miriam Forrester (née Wilkes) was the victim in "Wednesday's Women". She was a 22-year-old housewife in a dead-end marriage so she joined Wednesday's Women, who pretended to be Tupperware salesladies so they could go to segregated towns to teach black children for about three days.

Miriam, Belinda Hutchins, Ella Turner and Violet Golding were sent by their chapter leader Debra Nelson to Hazelton, Mississippi during Freedom Summer. Miriam was their driving force and she urged them to continue despite hearing about the kidnapping and murders of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner.

Once arriving, they dispersed. Miriam stayed with her hosts, Jim Horn and Kitty Doyle. While teaching, her freedom school was firebombed. Fortunately, she, the children and Cordell Baker, who was helping her, escaped.

The jig was up one night. Jim Horn revealed that he was a member of the KKK and exposed Miriam to his fellow Klansmen, who demanded the location of the last freedom school. She, however, played her saleslady schtick so well that they didn't believe him and left. Miriam then called Jim pathetic for being part of the racist klan. Embarrassed, he ran her down with his truck and then sank the vehicle in the swamp.

Miriam was found by Ella, Belinda and Violet and they ran for it back to Philadelphia. Violet tried to report Miriam's murder but the bigoted officer they met was useless. In the end, the three women staged Miriam's death as if she was just ran over by a car near her home. Belinda was inspired by Miriam to move to Mississippi to teach openly. Violet has hidden her involvement in civil rights. Ella had died in 2005.

In 2008, the case was reopened when Miriam's sister, Lana Wilkes, came to the Cold Case team after she found Miriam's suitcase which was sent from Mississippi the day her body was found. Lana always thought that her sister never even left Philadelphia. After the case was solved, Violet reunited with Belinda in Mississippi. Miriam's spirit watched over them both.