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Mike McShane
Mike in 1973
Mike "Bad Moon" McShane
Portrayed by Aaron Hill
Episode Glory Days
Status Deceased (1973)

Mike McShane (known by his nickname "Bad Moon") is the murder victim in "Glory Days". He was the son of Judy McShane and a successful college football player, beloved by everyone in 1973. He did have his faults such as idolizing Richard Nixon. Mike's interest in academics was always laughed at or brushed off and everyone thought he wasn't bright

Mike discovered outright shady things going on with the team at the University of Pennsylvania. He found out that smart students like Robert Boreki are paid to do the players' homework so they could maintain a high enough GPA to remain on the team. Mike refused to go along with the system and resolved to do his essay on Beowulf by himself, eventually earning Robert's respect.

When Mike found out his best friend Tom Bernard was sick from a bad kidney, he told the coach, only for Tom to be cut from the team for poor academic performance. Just hours before the big game, Mike told Robert that the team sponsor Steve Pratt is dosing the team with steroids. Mike is beginning to have liver damage. Tom was actually cut from the team to keep him quiet.

Angered that Pratt would keep this a secret from him, lie to him, and try to win him over with a car, Mike accused Pratt of being jealous of being on the sidelines. In response, Pratt angrily took an iron bar and hit Mike over the head, mortally wounding him with blunt force trauma. Mike instantly hit the ground, but got back up as Pratt drove away, horrified. He collapsed to the ground, staying alive for a few seconds before he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Mike's case went unsolved and neglected for years. His file was almost damaged by a pipe leak, but it was reopened in 2008 after the tickets he reserved for Robert the day he died were discovered by Al Towert. After the case is closed, Boreki gives Mike's paper on Beowulf to his mother. Tom imagines seeing Mike on the field.