Mike McShane
Mike in 1973
Mike "Bad Moon" McShane
Portrayed by Aaron Hill
Episode Glory Days
Status Deceased (1973)

Mike McShane was a former football player who died on November 3rd, 1973 after Steve Pratt hit him over the head with an iron bar. After attempting to get back up again, he eventually collapsed to the ground, succumbing from his blunt force injuries as Steve drove away, horrified.

Overview Edit

Mike was a successful football player, beloved by everyone. While he did have his faults, such as making his tutor, Robert Boreki, do his homework for him. Being the star player of the team, Mike (stereotypically) didn't have time for academics, but really pulled through when it came to his book report, which, seen in the final moments of the episode, he got a B+ on.

Before then, Mike discovered outright shady things going on with the team. Just hours before the big game, Mike discovered that Pratt himself was injecting the players with steroids. Angered that Pratt would keep this a secret from him, lie to him, and try to win him over with a car, he accused Pratt of being jealous of being on the sidelines. Angry, Steve took an iron bar and hit him over the head, giving him blunt force trauma.

Mike instantly hit the ground, but got back up as Steve drove away, horrified. He collapsed to the ground, staying alive for a few seconds before he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

His case was closed in 2008, as his spirit appeared to Tom Bernard, his longtime best friend.