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Monkey 1963
"Monkey" in 1963
Monkey 2009
"Monkey" in 2009
Mike "Monkey" Mack
Portrayed by Brian Elerding (1963)
Bill Bolender (2009)
Episode November 22nd
Status Alive

Mike Mack (or Monkey) is a minor character from November 22nd. He was the ex-partner of Patrick Lennox. When Patrick left town while owing Ben Scavo some money, it was Monkey who got the beating. There were no hard feelings between Monkey and Patrick but when he came back to town, Monkey told Scavo which led to Patrick getting beat up and having to pay his debt. Monkey was cut off by Patrick for his betrayal.

Monkey was always there to witness the emotional moments between Patrick and his daughter, Hillary Rhodes.

He is an old convict up for parole in 2009.