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Miguel Maldonado 1999
Miguel in 1999
Miguel Maldonado 2001
Miguel in 2001
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Miguel in 2005
Miguel Maldonado
Portrayed by Luis Garcia
Episode Saving Patrick Bubley
Status Arrested

Miguel Maldonado was the former leader of the O's, one of many gangs in Philadelphia and murderer of the Bubley brothers. Miguel shot and killed Vaughn Bubley in cold blood over a scooter in an alley. He was later confronted by Cedric Bubley, wanting to avenge his brother's death. Cedric is believed to have been murdered (shot to death, like his older brother and his two younger brothers) and ditched in a dumpster by Miguel for revenge/retribution for publicly confronting and embarrassing him. In order to find his body, the boys' widowed mother, Maeve Bubley had to party with Miguel. She also had to have sex with him by force. His reasons for killing his last two victims, Quincy Bubley and Luther Bubley were both retribution/revenge killings (Quincy got too close to the O's turf and Luther, on the day he died saw both his younger and only living sibling, Patrick's scooter, stolen many years ago by the O's, the small, but very significant reason in the cases and his brothers' killers, so he tried to take justice in his own hands, like Cedric did). He would finally be taken in for all four henious murders.

Known Victims[]