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Mickey Stein 2006
Mickey in 2006
Mickey Stein Jr.
Portrayed by Michael Clayton McCarthy
Episode Beautiful Little Fool
Status Alive

Mickey Stein Jr. is a minor character from "Beautiful Little Fool". Mickey Jr. was regaled by his grandfather, Mickey Stein Sr., with stories about his life in show business as the assistant of the vaudevillian actress Carmela LeFleur. He has a fan website dedicated to Carmela and made her the subject of his thesis.

Mickey Jr. was also told by his grandfather how Carmela was asked by Violet Polley to sing one of her songs and that Violet was pregnant with the child of Nick Bartleby.

In the epilogue, Mickey Jr. looks at documents proving that Carmela had sent baby Rose to an orphanage and given her financial support. He fondly imagines seeing his grandfather and Carmela.