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Mick Simpson 1995
Mick in 1995
Mick Simpson 2009
Mick in 2009
Mick Simpson
Portrayed by Matthew Shane (1995)
Travis Wester (2009)
Episode Hoodrats
Status Alive

Mick Simpson is a character from "Hoodrats". He is the younger brother of Nash Simpson. Mick created a superhero named "Super Skater" and Nash used this as his skateboard logo.

Mick was only 12 years old when his big brother fled from their stormy home life in Gloucester City, New Jersey and arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to become a pro skateboarder. Nash planned to have Mick live with him once he got settled, but disappeared.

In 2009, Mick finally came to Philly after their mother, Chelsea Simpson, went to prison and found the skateboard his brother originally sent him in 1995. Sadly, a John Doe matching Nash was found.

After the case was solved, Mick, along with Vonda Martin and Detective Lilly Rush, visits the skate park that Nash frequented and "sees" his brother's spirit.