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Mick Malone
Mick in 1986
Mick "The Machine" Malone
Portrayed by Kevin McNamara
Episode One Fall
Status Deceased (1986)

Mick Malone was the victim in "One Fall". He was the ex-husband of Rachel Malone and the father of Tim Malone. Mick was a dock worker and debt collector in 1986. He was inspired to become a pro wrestler after seeing his son play with his wrestling action figures. Mick also thought it would be more honest work than debt collecting. He was given the nickname "The Machine" by Tim. Mick also got his fellow collector Rob "Bear" Jacobs into the act.

Mick turned out to be a natural at wrestling and climbed up the ranks. Soon, he was WIC champion. However, Mick did not like how the promoter Lance Katrola pushed his wrestlers to do more extreme spots with no regard for their health or safety.

Life as a wrestler began taking its toll on Mick's relationship with his family. One night, he took Tim with him to his match in Baltimore. Mick's opponent, "Sweet" Sil Tavern, put him through a table (which was not planned). He spent 12 hours in the hospital, having almost broken his neck. Tim was left behind in the warehouse arena and had to be picked up by his mother.

Mick went back to the docks where his family found him. He lied that he was not hurt and wrestling was just pretend. Rachel sued for sole custody of their son after that.

Tim then imitated the table spot that Mick went through by jumping from the roof to see if he would also be okay. He ended up comatose for five days. That was the last straw. Mick confronted Lance at the docks and told him he's quitting because of what happened to Tim and for the unplanned table spot. Lance insulted Tim so Mick headbutted him. Lance then shot Mick. He died before his son could wake up. Sil witnessed the murder but did nothing.

In 2010, the gun that killed Mick, a .44 Magnum, was donated in a Guns for Groceries program. The gun was traced back to its original owner, Bear. He revealed that another wrestler named "Red Scare" stole the gun. Red Scare, whose real name was Nate Beecher, explained that he traded the gun to Sil for steroids. Sil gave the gun to Lance, who killed Mick with it. They were both arrested. Tim imagines seeing his dad while he is working at the docks in the epilogue.