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Michael Beamer Hyacinth 1989
"Beamer" in 1989
Michael Beamer Hyacinth 2008
"Beamer" in 2008
Michael "Beamer" Hyacinth
Portrayed by Anwar Mitchell (1989)
Page Kennedy (2008)
Episode Triple Threat
Status Unknown

Michael Hyacinth (better known as Beamer) is a minor character from "Triple Threat". He is a petty criminal.

In 1989, Beamer found the dying Nadia Koslov in the subway where her last words were "Zolotoi". He also heard footsteps running away from the scene. Beamer stole Nadia's bag rather than help.

In 2008, Beamer is in prison and found religion. He was denied parole so his mother gave away his things, among which was Nadia's bag. Her brother Dmitri Koslov got into a fight with Beamer's cousin for having it. This twist of fate led to the reopening of Nadia's case, though the police were not happy that Beamer kept quiet for so long.

"Zolotoi" (or golden one) had nothing to do with Nadia's murder.