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Michael Ellis 2002
Michael in 2002
Michael Ellis 2007
Michael in 2007
Michael Ellis
Portrayed by Thomas Kasp (2002)
Jordan Potter (2007)
Episode 8:03 AM
Status Alive

Michael Ellis was a schoolmate and acquaintance of murder victim Madison Reed. But their relationship began to change into something more. He stared to feel responsible for her and his feelings of friendship towards her transformed into feelings of love/protectiveness. That came to be because Madison's life began to fall apart after her father abandoned his family: Madison and her mother/his former wife, Shirley Reed. Another blow to the Reed Family was Shirley, so distraught over her husband leaving, beginning to use drugs to cope. Shirley was also very overwhelmed with her newfound responsibilities: raising her daughter by herself as a single mother and taking care of the house's needs, such as utilities.