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Michael in 2002
Michael in 2007
Michael Carter
Portrayed by Michael B. Jordan
Episode Wunderkind
Status Arrested

Michael Carter was the older half-brother and killer of Terrance Carter. Growing up, he was very close to his brother. But this relationship would be put to the test and then eventually fall apart when their father, Gerald, a convict who both boys deeply craved love and attention from, would show up to work things out with his sons, along with Terrance later "screwing up" Michael's attempts to join The 29th Street Crew, a local gang in their neighborhood.

Michael was furious over this and extremely jealous of Terrance getting the care, attention, and admiration specifically from the people who used to give him the same feelings, but now were ending them: Gerald and The 29th Street Crew. What they thought of Michael at this time was he's a nobody, a loser, a wannabe, and has no possible chance competing with Terrance, his way smarter, more confident, and cooler brother. Now feeling useless, unloved, and unwanted because of Terrance, Michael lost it and shot his little brother, who wanted them to leave town together.

Just a year later, Michael was paralyzed in a shooting and kicked out of The 29th Street Crew anyway.

In 2007, Michael works at a community center, hoping to keep other kids from falling in with street gangs and ending up like him. When he was arrested for Terrance's murder, Michael realized how pointless his actions were and that his brother was the only one who really cared about him.