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Carlo 1983
"Carlo" in 1983
Carlo 2004
"Carlo" in 2004
Melvin "Carlo" Fishman
Portrayed by Russell Sams (1983)
Randy Mulkey (2004)
Episode It's Raining Men
Status Alive

Carlo is a side character from season 2's "It's Raining Men". His real name is Melvin Fishman (originally from Shaker Height, Ohio).

In 1983, Carlo and Jeff Kern worked as towel boys in the same gay men's sauna and became lovers. Jeff was also in a relationship with Artie Russo at the time and discovered that Carlo had indirectly infected Artie with HIV through sex with him. Carlo had continued sleeping around because he thought AIDS was not contagious. Jeff warned people about Carlo and in the end, burned the sauna down. Carlo had been at the party that Jeff threw to convince the most influential gay men in Philadelphia to use their influence to find a cure for AIDS.

Carlo works at a pet shop in 2004. He outed the identity of everyone at the party to the Cold Case team and set them on the way to solving Jeff's murder. He is last seen watching a gay couple look at puppies together, knowing that he will never find such happiness.