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Melanie Campbell in 1975
Melanie in 1975
Melanie Campbell in 2006
Melanie in 2006
Melanie Campbell
Portrayed by Savannah Stehlin (1975)
Shannon Sturges (2006)
Episode Fireflies
Status Alive

Melanie Campbell is one of the protagonists of the episode "Fireflies".

She disappeared in 1975 when she was 8 years old after befriending her new black neighbor, Cherise Pierce. Melanie was driven miles into the countryside and shot in the head by a racist neighborhood boy named Dale Wilson who blamed Melanie for his father being angry and assaulting him for a vandalism that he didn't commit.

However, Melanie survived the attack, but the bullet wound left her with no memory of who she was or where she came from. She ended up working as a waitress and went by the name Jennifer Robinson.

In 2006, Melanie was finally reunited with her parents and Cherise, and her memory returned.