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Meesha Sullivan in 1991
Meesha in 1991
Meesha Sullivan in 2009
Meesha in 2009
Meesha Sullivan
Portrayed by Yara Shahidi (1991)
Tracey Heggins (2009)
Episode Read Between the Lines
Status Alive

Meesha Sullivan is a character in "Read Between the Lines". She is the younger sister of Donalyn Sullivan.

Meesha and Donalyn's mother died of AIDS in 1986 while their father had abandoned them. Over the next four years, they were bounced around foster homes before being placed in the care of Kenneth and Alice Watson in 1991. Meesha quickly bonded with Alice. She knew her sister had an interest in rap and supported her, with the two of them often singing and dancing together.

One day, Meesha saw Donalyn and Alice arguing about a song that she was writing called "Read Between the Lines". Donalyn vanished days later. The Watsons got divorced a year later and Meesha was eventually adopted by Alice.

Meesha is a pediatrician by 2009. She grew up believing that her sister had abandoned her. It's revealed that Donalyn found out Kenneth was a pedophile and wanted to expose him through her song. She also wanted to leave with Meesha once she got a record deal, but was murdered by Alice to stop her from taking her sister away.

In the epilogue, Meesha sadly watched as the woman who raised her got arrested for killing her sister. She went home and reminisced about dancing in the living room with Donalyn.