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May Pearson in 1988
May in 1988
May Pearson in 2006
May in 2006
May Pierson
Portrayed by Shelly Cole (1988)
Lisa Pescia (2006)
Episode 8 Years
Status Alive

May Pierson is a character in "8 Years". She was friends with Clem Garris, his wife Sally Garris, and Petey since high school.

May was an aspiring singer. She came back to Philadelphia in 1988 to find that Clem and Sally's marriage was falling apart and Petey had become a car thief.

Clem confessed his feelings for May and they decided to run away together. Petey's boss Henry Mack caught up to them and said they stole his stolen car. Henry shot Clem and he died in May's arms on the side of the highway. When the ambulance arrived, May went back to her motel, where she told Petey that Clem is dead.

May is a casino waitress in Atlantic City in 2006. She was spotted by an ex-classmate who reported her to the police. May was taken back to Philly, where she was reunited with Petey. It turned out that he had retaliated by killing Henry.

Petey is already in prison so his sentence was increased. May went back to Atlantic City and imagined seeing Clem.