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Mavis Breen in 1985
Mavis in 1985
Mavis Breen in 2004
Mavis in 2004
Mavis Breen
Portrayed by Barbara Niven (1985)
Patricia McCormack (2004)
Episode Greed
Status Arrested

Mavis Breen was the mother of Kip Crowley and the killer of stockbroker Charles Danville.


As she admits to detectives Valens and Vera, Mavis has been divorced four times, which she attributes to her "terrible choices" in men. She did, however, enjoy a close relationship with her son Kip.


Before or during 1985, Mavis received a settlement of $50,000. Kip, then in the employ of Danville, tried to convince her to invest that money in Navrax, which led to her meeting Danville. While initially cautious, she eventually invested for the sake of advancing Kip's career (and after sleeping with Danville).

Although Navrax proved to be a scam, this wasn't why she murdered Danville. On the night of the murder, Kip had come to her, distraught not only because of her having been scammed, but also because of Danville having broken his heart. Mavis, furious at Danville's treatment of her son, went to the Arbitrage parking lot and confronted Danville, shooting him twice before taking his Delorean to make the murder look like a carjacking.

She was arrested in 2004.