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Mattie 1965
Mattie in 1965
Mattie 2005
Mattie in 2005
Portrayed by Tuffet Schmelzle (1965)
Damara Reilly (2005)
Episode A Perfect Day
Status Alive

Mattie was a waitress and later owner of Milt's, a Philadelphia restaurant.

In 1965, when the restaurant was a carhop, Mattie worked with a waitress named Cindy Mulvaney. Mattie found something offputting about Cindy as she talked about what a bad mother she was and thought about running away.

One day Mattie saw Cindy's husband Roger Mulvaney bring her daughter Vivian Mulvaney to see Cindy. Vivian was showing off her new kitten Snowflake, but Cindy was clearly distraught by the cast on Vivian's arm, until Roger calmed her down.

After years of saving tips, Mattie eventually had enough to buy the restaurant. In 2005, she was questioned by Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens after they learned Cindy had worked there. Mattie couldn't recall Cindy's last name but told them about the day Roger had stopped by, describing him a "heart of gold type". Mattie didn't know that Roger was actually an abusive husband and father who had broken Vivian's arm and later killed her.