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Matthew in 1968
Matthew Ridgely
Portrayed by Tom Virtue
Episode Debut
Status Unknown

Matthew Ridgely was the father of Landon Ridgely, husband of Irene Ridgely, and a childhood friend of Lillian Vine.

Matthew and Lillian grew up together, as she and her mother used to clean his family's house. When Matthew learned that Lillian's husband could not attended their daughter Emma Vine's debut, Matthew offered to walk her in the debutante ball. Landon was upset over this.

When Emma's case was re-opened, Matthew's whereabouts in 2006 were unknown. After the detectives realised Landon's daughter was wearing Emma's ring, they questioned Landon. However, she insisted that her daughter's ring came from her grandfather. Their suspicion was quickly deflected when the detectives learned that Travis Whitman slipped to find Emma while the rest of them went downstairs.