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Mary Young 1985
Mary in 1985
Mary Young 2005
Mary in 2005
Mary Young
Portrayed by Dawn Cody (1985)
Patti Tippo (2005)
Episode Kensington
Status Alive

Mary Young is a minor character in "Kensington". She was married to Joe Young and pregnant with his baby in 1985.

One night, Ham Dunn and his wife Patty Dunn came to Mary and Joe's house to demand that Joe give Ham's money which he lost in a poker game, insisting that Joe cheated. Ham was instead proven a liar. Ham and Patty then ended up revealing that the textile mill got sold long before rumors that it was going to be closed started flying around. Joe was livid and decided to do something about it. That was the last time Mary saw her husband.

She gave birth to a boy after Joe's death. In 2005, their son lives in Iowa.