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Mary Chisolm 1958
Mary in 1958
Mary Chisolm 2009
Mary in 2009
Mary Chisolm
Portrayed by Unknown (1958)
Lynn Hamilton (2009)
Episode Libertyville
Status Unknown

Mary Chisolm is a minor character from "Libertyville".

In 1958, she was a maid at the Senator's club. Mary was ordered to clean up the Legacy Room and found it trashed. She remembered that Julian Bellowes was the last person she saw enter there. After Julian died, Mary suspected that he was murdered in the Legacy Room and then moved out to Summerton where he was found. She told her concerns to her superiors but they threatened to fire her if she did not stay quiet.

In 2009, Mary admitted what she had seen to the cops due to news from her doctor that she was terminally ill. The cold case team found bloodstained glass shards hidden in a floor grate. DNA testing proved that the blood belonged to Julian's brother-in-law, Harry Kemp.

Mary was only half right; Julian did get into a fight with Harry in the Legacy Room but he did not die there. Harry ended up pointing the police to the real killer, George Watson. Harry further explained that it was his father Harrison Kemp who devised the coverup so that no one will know that his late son-in-law was a black man passing for white.