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Mary Anne in 1942
Mary Anne in 2007
Mary Anne Clayton
Portrayed by Erin Cottrell (1942-1944)
Mary Margaret Lewis (2007)
Episode Family 8108
Status Alive

Mary Anne Clayton was the young schoolteacher who had a short fling with married father Ray Takahashi in 1944. He would be later murdered in 1945. This scandalous act would cause his son, Billy to leave his family and enlist in the war (World War 2). Ever since then, it devastated Mary Anne that “her one small indiscretion“, as she called it would ruin the Takahashi family; tear them apart; mostly son and father, while Ray’s wife and Billy’s mother, Evelyn Takahashi was very upset, but she would always love her husband and father of her children. As I say children, Evelyn would get pregnant a 2nd time: she and Ray would have a daughter they named Barbara; Billy would have a little sister, but would die before meeting her. He was killed while fighting.