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Marvin Dobie in 1992
Marvin in 1992
Marvin Dobie
Marvin in 2004
Marvin Dobie
Portrayed by James Mathers
Episode Late Returns
Status Alive

Marvin Dobie was the ex-boyfriend of Linda Lake, who was the mother of Abbey and David Lake.


During the course of their investigation, the detectives found out that Marvin had lived with the Lake family, causing him to be accused of killing Vanessa Prosser and her father, Darren Kleeman.

In the midst of interviewing him, they learned that during his time living with the family, Marvin knew that Abby and David had an incestuous relationship.

Later, Vanessa Prosser went to see Marvin about the checks that David was writing him. He told her about David's dark secret.