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Martha Puck
Martha in 1989
Martha Puck
Portrayed by Emily Nelson
Episode Lonely Hearts
Status Deceased (1989)

Martha Puck was a serial killer along with her boyfriend and later fiancé Ramon Delgado in "Lonely Hearts".

Martha and Ramon's victims were women that Ramon would meet through a dating service he regularly used. From there, he would marry the women only for their money and then kill them, with Martha’s help. She would run the newlywed brides over with her vehicle.

Martha ended up becoming one of Ramon’s targets after feelings changed between. She was murdered, ironically by the hands of one of her true love’s victims, Eugenia Karpathian, who shot Martha to death. Her reason? Martha fell out with Ramon and had a change of heart. She wanted to kill him and give his life insurance money to Eugenia and her son. But Eugenia wasn’t going to let that happen, for Ramon’s sake, because she still loved him and wanted to be with him.

Martha's case was reopened after Ramon committed suicide while watching her dating tape. In the epilogue, Lilly Rush imagines Martha reading a romance novel.

Known Victims[]