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Marquette 1979
Marquette in 1979
Marquette 2004
Marquette in 2004
Portrayed by Julanne Chidi Hill
Episode Daniela
Status Alive

Marquette is a minor character from "Daniela". She was the only friend of the titular Daniela. Marquette was a prostitute in 1979 and protected Daniela from seedy guys at the bus depot where they hung out.

One day, Marquette found a ring with the name "Edwin Castillo" in Daniela's possession. She questioned her about him.


Marquette: He from home? He follow you here?

Daniela: Follows me everywhere.

Marquette: He gonna be mad that you're selling his ring?

Daniela: He ain't the real thing.


Marquette got off the streets and is an anti-prostitution advocate by 2004. She always imagined that Daniela had gotten out too but when she is interviewed by the cold case team, she knew deep down that Daniela was dead. Marquette told them about Edwin but that Daniela wasn't seeing him, rather some boy with a red Camaro. Nick Vera traced the car's registration and found that it belonged to Chris.

It's unknown if Marquette ever found out that Daniela and Edwin were the same person. She is last seen handing out brochures to prostitutes urging them to quit the life.