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Marlene Bradford
Marlene in 1999
Marlene Bradford
Portrayed by Paula Malcomson
Episode A Dollar, A Dream
Status Deceased (1999)

Marlene Bradford is the main victim in the episode "A Dollar, A Dream". She was once a housewife living a comfortable suburban life until her husband died of cancer in 1999. All of their savings were wiped out because of the medical bills and the death of the family's breadwinner. Marlene was forced to live in a car with her two daughters, Natalie (the eldest) and Abby Bradford (the youngest), for 3 months after they lost their home as well.

She worked in Anil Patel's grocery store in an attempt to survive their hard life living in the streets. There, they met a homeless man named Vincent Hopper who told Marlene that she and her kids could stay at the park with the other homeless. With no other choice, they went there. Before they left, Marlene was given a gun by Anil for protection.

Marlene was shot and killed by Hopper in a fit of rage after he believed that she had won a million dollars from the lottery ticket he loaned her and was deceiving him to keep it all for herself after he only received $12, as the ticket was actually only $25. Hopper left Marlene's body in her car and dumped it in a pond.

Marlene was reported missing by Natalie and Abby after she failed to pick them up from school. As a result, her daughters were sent into foster care. Abby was adopted but Natalie wasn't and grew up resenting their mother for seemingly abandoning them.

In 2007, the car was discovered by an environmental group studying the water. Hopper was arrested for murder after the cold case teamed learned about the lottery ticket. Marlene's ghost was last seen by Natalie and Abby in the park as they reunited with each other.