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Margaret Trudlow 1991
Margaret in 1991
Margaret Trudlow 2008
Margaret in 2008
Margaret Trudlow
Portrayed by Susan Beaubian (1991)
Patricia Belcher (2008)
Episode True Calling
Status Alive

Margaret Trudlow is a veteran teacher at Reeves High School. Her involvement in this episode was huge: she overseeing the program that murder victim Laura McKinney was in to be a fill-in/substitute teacher for an injured social studies teacher. Their friendship would be rocky because being older and more experienced caused Margaret to be a bit demanding and cold towards young and determined Laura. Well, sadly still before Laura would die and after, Margaret still thought negatively of Laura. But in the end of True Calling, she seemed to be starting to appreciate Ms. McKinney from watching Darnell Brent, a then student of Laura who really cared for her and wanted to follow in her footsteps-he became a teacher, specifically in History, like Ms. McKinney...she actually wasn't into History, originally she was meant to teach English.