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Malvinder Khatani in 1999
Malvinder in 1999
Malvinder Khatani in 2005
Malvinder in 2005
Malvinder Khatani
Portrayed by Amir Talai
Episode Start Up
Status Alive

Malvinder Khatani is a character from "Start Up" and a former employee of Lionstaff.

Malvinder didn't like working for Amy Lind at first but he grew to have romantic feelings for her even though he had an arranged marriage, and told her so. He was turned down of course. Malvinder's wife found out and wrote death threats to Amy on a laptop which eventually ended up donated to a school.

In 2005, the death threats were found and the Cold Case team reopened Amy's case. Malvinder told them how Scott Sawyer's reckless spending bankrupted Lionstaff. This put them on the path to solving Amy's murder.