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Maggie Lafferty 1982
Lefferty in 1982
Maggie Lafferty 2007
Lafferty in 2007
Maggie Lafferty
Portrayed by Kristin Proctor (1982)
Diane Delano (2007)
Episode Justice
Status Alive

Maggie Lafferty is a police officer who was one of the suspects from "Justice".

In 1982, Maggie worked with Sex Crimes department, which was considered a "joke" back then. One day, Tessie Bartram came in to report that she was raped by Mike Delaney after going out with him. However, as date-rape victims weren't taken seriously back then, Maggie informed Tessie that while she could prosecute Mike, she would be asked triggering questions in order to discredit her, such as "Are you sexually promiscuous?" or "How much did you have to drink?". Maggie could only advise Tessie to lock her doors and call if Mike tries to break in, leaving Tessie upset.

Later Maggie was called in when a girl named Shaina McNulty, another one of Mike's rape victims, killed herself in her dorm room. Maggie found and read her diary, apologising to Shaina's distraught father Jason. Realising that Mike was a serial rapist, and for her guilt in not trying to stop him, she went to the DA, only to say she didn't have enough evidence to charge him with.

Frustrated with the inability of the system, Maggie decides to take matters in her own hands. She gives Tessie a gun, and informs her of her rights to defend herself from danger.

25 years later, she is now a shooting instructor at the academy, nicknamed "Lock & Loaded Lafferty". She was questioned by detectives Nick Vera and Kat Miller, after Mike Delaney's grave was vandalised with the word "rapist", asked her about Tessie. Later she was interviewed by Lilly Rush and Miller again, after learning she was on the scene after Shaina suicide, reprimanding her for not stopping Mike. Maggie told them how she tried with the DA and reminded them that the system wasn't going to protect victims like Tessie, and the only way to stop Mike was kill him, as such she refused to testify against Tessie to say she gave her the gun that killed Mike.

At the end of the episode she is still seen as a instructor at the academy. The killer was Tessie brother, Jimmy who heard his sister being raped by Mike, used the gun to kill him to protect her, but the detectives ruled as justifiable homicide, so he wouldn't be charged.