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Honey Sugar 2000
"Honey" in 2000
Honey Sugar 2006
"Honey" in 2006
Lucille "Honey" Sugar
Portrayed by Polly Shannon
Episode The Red and the Blue
Status Alive

Lucille "Honey" Sugar is a character in "The Red and the Blue". She was the wife of aspiring country musician Truck Sugar.


Honey and Truck were 10th-grade sweethearts who married young. Over the years, their relationship began to have problems and they fought more. By 2000, their marriage was at breaking point due to Truck being on the road so often.

The Red and the Blue[]

Honey drove up to Philadelphia while Truck and his band opened for Edie Lowe. While she originally intended to fight for their marriage, at some point on her drive, Honey decided to let her and Truck's relationship go.

She arrived at the gig to see Truck and Edie singing a love song together up on stage and became visibly upset. When Truck stepped outside with her to talk, they both realised that what they once had was gone. Honey wanted to stay on her farm and work with the horses, but Truck wanted to be on the road making music. Honey could also see he was falling in love with Edie. They parted amicably and Honey drove back home that night. Unfortunately, Truck was murdered soon after.

Despite wanting to bring Truck back down South to be buried on the family plot, Honey decided to let him be buried in Philadelphia since she felt his heart was in the North.