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Louise Patterson in 1944
Louise (Right) in 1944
Louise Patterson in 2009
Louise in 2009
Louise Patterson
Portrayed by Louise Linton (1944)
Michael Learned (2009)
Episode WASP
Status Alive

Louise Patterson is a character from "WASP". She was friends with Betty Jo Henders, Edna Reed and Vivian Lynn. She was the second best pilot in the program and considered Vivian her rival.

Louise was the one who told Vivian that Edna died in a plane crash. Vivian, in turn, told her, that Edna's plane had to have been sabotaged.

Louise moved up in the ranks after Vivian disappeared, becoming the first woman in the Army Air Forces to fly a jet and break the sound barrier.

In the epilogue, Louise and Betty Jo reunite at the old air base and reminisce about the first day of training when Vivian arrived on her crop duster.