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Lo Kinney
Lo in 1945
Lorena "Lo" Kinney
Portrayed by Michelle Harrison
Episode The Hen House
Status Deceased (1945)

Lorena 'Lo' Kinney was an aspiring reporter in 1945 who was murdered by Anton Bikker.


Prior to the end of the war, she joined the paper and worked with Helen Russell & Davis "Birdie" Birdsol. She wanted to write about the end of World War II, but was stopped by her boss. Instead she wrote an advice column that turned heads because she spoke her mind. Her co-worker, Helen, was jealous of the attention she got for writing it and eventually got the column after Lo died.

Her column would anger many people, including Arthur Pool, after Lo gave his wife advice to leave him. Lo would track him down and he would apologize to her, but not before meeting Noah, his third cousin who'd seemingly just escaped the concentration camps in Europe. She fell in love with Noah, but at the same time she was to write an article about someone who'd survived the horrors of Nazi camps.

Through digging into Noah's past, she found a friend of his who'd moved to Philly: Johanna Hoffman. Johanna told Lo the truth: Noah had died in Auschwitz after having painted a portrait of every guard. Once there were no more guards to paint, he was killed. Angered, Lo wrote an article that would expose the phony Noah, now known as Anton Bikker. Anton had been a guard at Auschwitz and stole Noah's identity. She had a letter sent to Johanna to show her the article she'd written, but Anton intercepted it instead. Meeting her at the train station, Anton begged Lo to love him, but Lo refused. In a fit of rage, he threw Lo onto the train tracks below, killing her instantly as a train ran over her body.

The murder would go unsolved for 60 years until being reopened in 2006. Anton would be arrested for her murder and her article finally published.