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Lloyd in 1953
Lloyd in 2007
Lloyd Jordan
Portrayed by Caon Mortenson (1953)
James Otis (2007)
Episode Devil Music
Status Alive

Lloyd Jordan is a minor character from "Devil Music".

In 1953, he and his family lived in Germantown. When he has 8 years old, he snuck out of his house when his parents were arguing to play with his baseball. At some point his ball rolled down the alley behind the diner, Valentine's Five-And-Dime, where he discovered the wallet of Bingo Zohar covered in blood. A few days later he heard that Bingo body was reported shot behind a blue's club, in Point Breeze, but despite knowing the truth decided not to tell, out of fear from his parents for sneaking out, trying to convince himself it was a dream, but kept the wallet.

In 2007, Lloyd appears before detective Scotty Valens, after receiving news from a doctor that he will be losing his visions in a few years he decides to set things right by revealing where Bingo was really killed.

In the end, Lloyd report helped solved Bingo's murder, as the Cold Case team discovered it was Bingo's cousin, JP Valentine, angry at the fact his perfect family was a façade and he blamed Bingo for it.