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Lloyd Chester 1958
Lloyd in 1958
Lloyd Chester 2006
Lloyd in 2006
Lloyd Chester
Portrayed by Christopher May (1958)
Robert Symonds (2006)
Episode Static
Status Alive

Lloyd Chester was a man whose 16-year-old daughter Carly Chester got pregnant in 1958. A conservative, churchgoing man, Lloyd already disapproved of the rock & roll music that local DJ John "The Hawk" Hawkins played at dances. Unsurprisingly, he was furious when his daughter told him Hawkins had impregnated her at a party after one of his sock hops. Lloyd confronted Hawkins at another dance and, though he denied being the father, Lloyd threatened to hurt him if he didn't take responsibility.

Lloyd later learned that Carly had lied, and Hawkins wasn't the father of her unborn child. It was actually Carly's boyfriend, whom Lloyd thought of as a "moron", and whom she later married.

Lloyd nevertheless still thought poorly of Hawkins. He and his family were eating breakfast at a diner before services one Sunday and noticed a young woman named Jenny strike up a conversation with Hawkins. Lloyd was unaware that Jenny was actually Hawkins' estranged daughter, hoping to meet and reconnect with her father.

Lloyd also witnessed Jenny's boyfriend Scott "Skiz" Stenkovic show up and get into a heated conversation with Hawkins before Hawkins told him off. The incident left an impression on Lloyd, particularly after he read in the newspaper that Skiz was arrested for shooting a bank teller in an armed robbery a few months later.

When Hawkins was found dead in his DJ booth with his gun in his hand some months after the incident in the diner, Lloyd, like everyone else, assumed it was a suicide. In 2006, when it was discovered Hawkins had been murdered, Lloyd, now an older man with a cane, was questioned by Detectives Lilly Rush and Will Jeffries about his argument with Hawkins at the dance. Lloyd explained the misunderstanding and told them what happened in the diner.