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Lionel Royce 1969
Lionel in 1969
Lionel Royce 2004
Lionel in 2004
Lionel Royce
Portrayed by Jocko Sims (1969)
Terrence Flack (2004)
Episode Volunteers
Status Arrested

Lionel Royce was the leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the Black Liberation Front in 1969.

Lionel was aware that one BLF member Gerard Gary, was romantically involved with Julia Hoffman, a white girl, which Lionel disapproved of. Lionel was even more opposed to Gerard working with Julia for JANE, an underground abortion service. The BLF was militantly against abortion, considering it genocide for black people.

Lionel and several other BLF members once confronted Gerard at his home about his actions, believing Gerard could compromise their secrets by seeing Julia. Gerard insisted he'd never betray them but Lionel still ordered Gerard's home "dry cleaned", meaning a standard search for surveilance devices.

In later years, Lionel had several run-ins with the law. In 2004, he was in prison for robbing a 7-11. He would later say he was "collecting reparations for slavery".

That year, detectives were directed to Lionel by Colette Ferguson after the bodies of Gerard and Julia (who had both disappeared in 1969) were found. Though he still disapproved of Gerard's choice Lionel denied any involvement in his death, saying he was a peaceful man. When Vera showed him a picture of Lionel in his BLF days holding a rifle, Lionel simply compared it George W. Bush in a flight suit on an aircraft carrier, saying it was all about image. Lionel was still unsure if Gerard had been a spy but swore the BLF would "never use a bullet on a black man". When Jeffries asked how he knew Gerard had died from a bullet, Lionel said it was "just a metaphor".