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Ling Lu in 1983
Ling in 1983
Ling Lu in 2009
Ling in 2009
Ling Lu
Portrayed by Johnny Wu (1983)
Bruce Locke (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Arrested

Ling Lu is a character from "Chinatown". He is the elder son of Hong Lu and Da Chun Lu, and the older brother of Jack Chao Lu. He worked at their family tea store. Ling was dutiful and responsible. Ironically, these qualities are what turned him into a killer.

In 1983, Jack's girlfriend Tam Sung was killed in a gang shootout. He identified the shooters as Dragon Boys. Ling told him to keep quiet and run before the police arrived, leaving Tam to die in the arms of her father Joe Sung.

Jack wanted payback and teamed up with Detective Ray Bianchi to take down the Dragon Boys and their leader Bo-Lin Chen. Instead, he found out that Bianchi was dirty and Ling was helping the Dragon Boys transport heroin. Ling defended that since they were already being extorted, they might as well make a profit too. Jack disowned him and went to tell their father, but Ling shot his brother dead to keep him quiet.

In 2009, Ling has taken over the store after his father's death and he still won't cooperate with police. His cousin Warren Lee, however, did. Ling did not know that Jack had hidden an incriminating recording of him cutting a deal with Bo-Lin in the store. It was found and Ling's voice was identified by his mother. Da Chun refused to ever see him again and just left him a note saying how ashamed she was of him for killing his brother and tarnishing his father's legacy. As he confessed, Ling had a breakdown and repeatedly said that Jack "didn't understand".