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Lindsay Chase
Lindsay in 1982
Lindsay Chase
Portrayed by Andrea Savage
Episode Schadenfreude
Status Deceased (1982)

Lindsay Chase was the wife of a wealthy doctor who was murdered in her home. For years her husband was thought to have killed her.


At some point prior to 1982, she met and married Dr. Steven Chase. In early 1982, he was set to operate on their friend Allan Moore who ended up dying on the table. When they began to loose money and were shunned, Lindsay got a job as a hair sweeper for $8 an hour at the salon that she frequently partaked in going to. She then began spending time with Kitty Shaw, Timmy Horan, and Melanie Castle.

Needing money desperately, Timmy began cooking methamphetamine in her home that they planned to sell to Mike Doherty. Later when she needed even more money, she approached him in hopes of staging a break in for the insurance money. As he began looking around the house, he said that he would only do it if she slept with him, something she refused to do. She then approached Timmy and attempted to seduce him but Kitty intervened.

The night of the break-in, she found her husband with a gun pointed at his head. After she talked him down out of killing himself, he set the gun down and asked her to come upstairs with him. That was when the phone rang with the signal from Mike so she waited downstairs.

Lindsay came upon Kitty, wearing a blonde wig, and Mike entering the house. Lindsay and Kitty began arguing (due to Kitty believing that she was Lindsay's closest friend and Lindsay just wanting her gone) and Kitty grabbed the gun and pointed it at Lindsay, before shooting and killing her. Mike and Kitty then rush out of the house as Lindsay's husband came downstairs and found her.

Due to no one finding Kitty or Mike, Steve was arrested and convicted of her murder. Years later after Melanie overdosed, the cops found that she had stolen a ring that Lindsay had given to her husband years ago, causing them to reopen the case. As they investigated, they finally learned the truth of what happened, allowing him to be set free after 23 years in prison.