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Linda Frandsen 1985
Linda in 1985
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Linda in 1987
Linda Frandsen 1989
Linda in 1989
Linda Frandsen
("Rebecca Morgan")
Portrayed by Tracy Middendorf
Episode Maternal Instincts
Status Deceased (1989)

Linda Frandsen is a woman who was murdered in Maternal Instincts in front of her child.


Her childhood was spent with her living with Sally flat out telling her that she didn't love her child, lacking any maternal instincts. Due to the lack of love from her mother, Linda desired a child of her own to raise. After having trouble getting pregnant by her husband Vic Lake, she began having an affair with Dr. Kyle Silver, who was also married. After getting pregnant, she unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.

She grew desperate so she convinced Vic to kidnap baby Bobby Gordon, a child from a family Vic landscaped for. After he did so, she ran off with the baby and settled in Philadelphia, using the pseudonym Rebecca Morgan, after a deceased college student.

Life was normal enough until she is tracked down by Kyle, who had become obsessed with her and hired a private investigator to find her. He showed up at her door and tried to convince her to run off with him, dangling her secret to keep her in line. Linda still refused and mocked him, causing him to slap her. Desperate to keep her secret, Linda grabbed a knife to stab him, but Kyle managed to wrestle it out of her hand and stabbed her to death in front of 3 year old Bobby. After killing Linda, Kyle took off to Washington, leaving Bobby traumatized and lying in Linda's blood.