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Lillian Vine in 1968
Lillian in 1968
Lillian Vine in 2006
Lillian in 2006
Lillian Vine
Portrayed by Kelly Miller (1968)
Priscilla Pointer (2006)
Episode Debut
Status Alive

Lillian Vine is a character in "Debut". She was the mother of Emma Vine, who died in 1968 on the night of her debutante ball.

Lillian grew up poor. She and her mother cleaned the house of the Ridgely family, and Lillian became friends with their son, Matthew Ridgely.

Lillian married a pilot named Timothy. He became an astronaut and was pegged to go the moon. With this and her connections to the Ridgelys, Lillian and her family joined the country club. She pushed for her daughter, Emma Vine, to be part of a debutante ball where she could be introduced to high society and maybe meet a rich man.

Timothy got cut from the lunar program (it's implied that he had a nervous breakdown) so Lillian's old friend Matthew offered to walk Emma in his place. She instead died after falling down the stairs. Lillian last saw her daughter with Travis Whitman and had been hounding him ever since.

In 2006, Travis' wife also died from falling down the stairs. Lillian believed that he had killed again so she went to the cold case team to finally prove his guilt. Travis confessed that he did kill Emma but not his wife. Lillian imagined her daughter looking through her telescope in the epilogue.