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Libby Traynor 1976
Libby in 1976
Libby Traynor 2009
Libby in 2009
Libby Traynor
Portrayed by Brit Morgan (1976)
Beth Broderick (2009)
Episode Jackals
Status Arrested

Libby Traynor is a minor character from "Jackals". She was a friend of Sarah Blake before getting expelled from school. After Sarah was threatened by Monster, Libby told her to run with the money she got running drugs.

In 2009, Libby owns three salons but is actually a frontwoman for the Jackals. She's become disillusioned with this life but is in too deep. After Libby's connection to the Jackals was revealed by Monster, she gave up the Jackals' headquarters in exchange for protection from them.