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Libby Bradley
Libby in 1979
Libby Bradley
Portrayed by Annie Wersching
Episode The Key
Status Deceased (1979)

Libby Bradley was the victim in "The Key". She was the wife of Carl Bradley and mother of Helen Bradley.

Libby was an upper-class schoolteacher seemingly living an idyllic family life. In reality, her marriage was falling apart.


At some point in 1979, Libby attended a "key party" with her husband hosted by Joe and Julie Livingston, where keys are collected and drawn by women, who then go home with different men, the owners of the keys, and have sex. After Libby learned from Carl about the purpose of the party, they argued, causing her to pick their friend Bill Huxley's key.

After that evening, she began having an affair with Bill and receiving driving lessons from his son, Jed Huxley. Libby grew more confident and extroverted, dressing differently and exploring her sexuality for the first time. She also bonded with Jed over their empty home lives.

While Libby was hoping for more, Bill eventually ended their affair, upsetting her at Helen's sweet 16. In her upset, she began throwing herself at Jed on the dance floor, causing her to fall to the floor. This embarrassed her family.

Around this time, Libby decided that she wanted to divorce her husband. However, when Helen attempted suicide due to the humiliation her mother caused her, Libby realized she needed to be there for her daughter. Unfortunately, Helen wasn't too happy and pushed her away.

Libby then left to observe the eclipse with Jed. When she arrived, Libby explained to Jed that they couldn't have driving lessons anymore. Jed had developed an infatuation with Libby and reacted badly when she rejected his advances. He stabbed her to death in a fit of rage just as the eclipse occurred and left her to die. Helen would never stop looking for her mother's killer. A young Will Jeffries was the investigating officer.

By 2006, the woods where Libby died became a sort of horror tourist attraction. Some campers found her personal belongings, among them being Bill's key. After the case was solved, Libby's spirit appeared to her daughter while Helen, Carl, and Jeffries laid flowers at the murder site.