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Lester Hughes 1979
Lester in 1979
Lester Hughes 2004
Lester in 2004
Lester Hughes
Portrayed by Christopher Allen Nelson (1979)
Terrence Evans (2004)
Episode Daniela
Status Alive

Lester Hughes is a minor character from "Daniela". He was the titular character's landlord in 1979.

When Lester was questioned by the cold case team in 2004 about Daniela's disappearance, he said that he knew little of her but that he heard her being yelled at by a guy who he thought was her boyfriend. Lester converted Daniela's old apartment into storage after she disappeared.

The police do a welfare check at Daniela's old place but find a big blood splatter on the wall using blacklight, indicating foul play. The team then finds out that the boyfriend was Daniela herself; she's actually transgender and the voice Lester heard was Daniela using her "Edwin" voice while quarreling with her mother over the phone.