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Lester Smith 1971
"Gargantuan" in 1971
Lester Smith 2010
"Gargantuan" in 2010
Lester "Gargantuan" Smith
Portrayed by Roger Morrissey (1971)
Carel Struycken (2010)
Episode Metamorphosis
Status Arrested

Lester "Gargantuan" Smith was a member of the Jones Brothers Circus in 1971. He is the one who killed Mia Romanov.


After Mia had learned that Biggie and Lester overbooked tickets, she threatened to expose Biggie of being a con man. It was during this conversation that Lester became angry causing him to strangle her to death before putting her in the silk sheet whilst Biggie watched.

In 2010, he accidentally held Scotty tight when the man came to talk to him. He later admitted to what happened.